If you know of other useful resources please tell us in the comment section.


Difficult Airway Society (DAS)

This is the site of the UK's Difficult Airway Society with a number of excellent resources including guidelines and online presentationsgement.

The virtual airway device/ University of Florida

This site from UF has a library of difficult airway videos. Also, from the same institution, check out Felipe Urdaneta's Airway Educational Project site with a discussion forum and links to interesting articles.

Aintree Difficult Airway Management website (ADAM)

A tool for difficult airway planning from Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, UK. Requires (free) registration.

Society for Head and Neck Anesthesia (SHANA)

The SHANA website contains a range of educational videos, case discussions and links to relevant literature and discussion forums. Full access to the video library requires (a very worthwile) membership.

National Tracheostomy Safety Project (NTSP), UK

An excellent resource for all things tracheostomy from the UK's NHS. Check the 'Resources' link for education materials. The site also has e-learning materials, but those can only be accessed by NHS staff after registration.

Open airway has pages convering airway equipment and techniques plus instructional videos.

4th National Audit Project (NAP4), Royal College of Anaesthetists, UK

This nationwide audit of all airway management complications in the UK in 2011 is (still) considered essential reading, even if you don't get beyond the executive summary. Free to downlaod as a pdf-file.

Society for Airway Management (SAM)

SAM does not provide much educational material on their website, but they maintain a lively airway management discussion forum on DocMatter (registration required).

Airway World

A (commercial) site promoting their course offerings, but with some excellent free educational material, including videos and webinars.

European Airway Management Society (EAMS)

The EAMS offers access to webinars for registered/ paying members.

Awake Bronchoscopic Intubation

This is a detailed online teaching module from the Anesthesia Department at the Toronto General Hospital.


Richard Levitan's website has a wide range of great educational material under the 'Learning' link.

Critical Care Airway Management

This site mostly promotes a course offered in Australia, but the accompanying online handbook has some good resources.

Airway management/ ANZCA library

This page from the ANZCA library website has some great articles on various airway management topics.



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