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The two main sections of this site are 'Airway equipment' and 'Airway techniques'. Use the links at the top of the page to navigate.

Welcome to our airway management website!

Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive online resource for all aspects of practical airway management. We hope this site will be useful for a wide audience, from medical students, EMS technicians, ICU nurses, to ED staff, trainee and experienced anesthesia providers.

The site focuses on the practical side of airway management. While we provide references where appropriate the emphasis is on the ‘how-to’ rather than the scientific evidence base of techniques. 

The website format offers a couple of advantages over the traditional textbook. First, it gives us the opportunity to describe equipment, techniques, and ‘tips & tricks’ with plenty of photos and video clips. In addition, a website allows us to interact with you. We appreciate that in your practice you might use different variations of the techniques described here. Therefore, if you want to share practical advice or have other comments, we want to hear and learn from you. Please let us know!

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