LMA Supreme®

Claas Siegmueller



The LMA Supreme® is a second generation supraglottic airway which was introduced in 2007. Its features include an integrated bite block, a cuff which is tapered proximal to distal, a gastric channel, an elliptical rigid tube part which prevents rotation and twisting, a fixation tab at the proximal end to help with positioning, an anatomical bend of the tube part which aids insertion.

The manufacturer's website has additional information on this device.

LMA Supreme®
LMA Supreme®


The LMA Supreme® does not have aperture bars like the LMA Unique®. Instead the device has two aperture fins at the cuff opening to help prevent occlusion of the opening by the epiglottis. 

LMA Supreme®


The cuff is designed, like in other second generation SGAs, to obtain a better seal at the laryngeal inlet, resulting in higher cuff seal pressures compared to first generation devices. The tip of the cuff is designed to seal the upper esophagus, which the manufacturer markets as a 'Second seal™'.

The design features that make it a second generation device are best appreciated in a side-by-side comparison with a first generation one:

Side-by-side comparison of cuff design features for a first and second generation SGA


Uses are discussed in the overview page on 'SGA placement'.

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