Lung isolation devices

These are generally cuffed endotracheal devices that can be placed into a main or even lobar bronchus. There are two types of devices in this group, double-lumen endotracheal tubes and endobroncial blockers.

The practical use of these devices is described in our AIRWAY TECHNIQUES section on 'lung isolation techniques'.

Double-lumen endotracheal tubes

Arguably the most used device these days is the Bronchocath double lumen tube.

Other types of double lumen tubes are available, for example the Carlens tube, which has a carinal hook to secure its position. The Robertshaw tube is now only of historial value.

Endobronchial blockers

Devices in this group include the Fuji Univent, Fuji Uniblocker, Arndt and Cohen endobronchial blockers, and the E-Z blocker.